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We welcome you to St. George Adoption where we will complete your Home Study for your Utah Adoption. We are your local expert on completing your Home Study in Southern Utah. St. George Adoption offers the valuable services required in providing your family with an adoption or guardianship home study for the greater St. George and Southern Utah area. This document is legal according to the State of Utah Laws and will be recognized as a legal document and accepted by reciprocating adoption agencies, attorneys and as a legal document in the Courts in the State of Utah.  A division of Utah Home Study, we cover the state!

The Adoption Home Study

  • Completed by a licensed professional
  • Required for Adoption
  • One of the First Steps of the Adoption process (read the article)
  • Domestic or International and Guardianship Custody Home Studies
  • Critical component and must be completed accurately
  • Legal in the Courts of Utah
  • Affordable
  • Completed in a timely manner
  • Accepted by Adoption Agencies and Attorneys
  • Make a referral to an agency
  • Learn More
A home study in Utah is a screening of the home and of the lives of prospective adoptive parents and family members prior to an adoption taking place. A home study is required by Utah law. The study can also aid the prospective parents in preparing to raise an adopted child in helping to make families aware of the issues surrounding adoption and raising a child.  The ultimate purpose of a home study is to benefit the child and to encourage that the best interests of the child are represented.

Information: The type of information that will be sought for your home study includes the determination of the family background, living circumstances, employment history a criminal background check of the prospective parents, medical background and an examination of the home.

Our purpose at
St. George Adoption is to find the strengths and benefits you offer to a perspective adoptive child not to look for problems in your home or family.  A home study, as its name implies, examines the dwelling of the prospective parents. Some factors that are taken into account include the cleanliness and condition of the home, safety, sanitation, and the neighborhood where the home is located.  Factors pertaining to the individual family members includes their desire to adopt, their understanding of the relationship between adoptive parents and children, and their openness to addressing the unique issues associated with adoption.  If there are any concerns or issues to be resolved, we will be specific and clear as to what would need to happen to qualify and receive an approved home study.

Some people may hesitate and feel that a home study can be intrusive, or who feel that there may be discrimination against certain people who seem capable of parenting, but are ruled out due to various issues. At 
St. George Adoption, our professionals will help you through these issues and help to put you at ease. We hope that the miracle of adoption can come to bless and to help prosper your family in wonderful ways.

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